What to know before you invest

You’ve found love worthy of a lifetime, now you’re on a journey to find the ring that captures your story and commemorates your commitment. First, the four things to consider before popping the question.


1. Her style

Knowing her style is key to investing in a ring she’ll love. Consider her inclination to wear white or yellow metals, consult her trusted friends or browse together for a semi-surprise. And if the ring fits after you pop the question, she’ll be all the more impressed!


2. Your budget

Knowing pricing of rings will help you plan – and save. That said, jewellers should work within your budget with helpful cost considerations. For example, stone size, quality of the diamond, and karat of the metal can be adjusted to help you meet your budget.


3. The diamond

All diamonds look alike when you begin your search, particularly if comparing certificates alone. Ask your jeweller to look at multiple diamonds. First, compare each for sparkle (something which is not graded on a certificate), then inspect through the magnification of a jeweller’s loupe. Stones may have the same grading on paper but appear visually very different!


4. The alternatives

Diamonds may be Marilyn Monroe’s best friend, but not all women are Marilyn! Consider alternative stones that are true to your fiancé and her style. Likewise, new isn’t always better. Vintage and custom rings are loved alternatives and don’t have to be complicated or expensive.