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The ring tells it all: the history you share, your commitment, their style. Visit us in store to experience our collection of over 100 styles of engagement rings in all karats of yellow, white gold and platinum from world-renowned brands.


Understated or ornate, we help you choose bands that complement one another, as well as the engagement ring. Our in-store collection includes yellow and white gold, platinum and varying widths, patterns and finishes.


Nothing is more unique to your story—or your style—than a custom-designed ring. Gather your inspiration, book an appointment for yourself or as a couple, and learn how our designer and our master goldsmith can help you bring life to your vision.


noam carver

  • “We worked with Barclay’s to create a wedding ring that perfectly suits my style, as well as all we wanted the ring to symbolize. It is symbolic of our journey together and will evolve, grow and change, just like our relationship, with a stone for every anniversary celebrated.”

  • “I wanted to let you know just how much I LOVE my ring! I was concerned that my mother’s engagement ring would lose its ‘feel’ and that it would not resemble its original look. That all said, every time I look at my ‘new’ ring, I see and feel my mother’s ring. It is a beautiful combination of ME and HER!”

  • “I’m still absolutely loving my engagement ring! The workmanship is flawless. Thank you again for creating something so very close to my heart and that I will proudly pass down from generation to generation!”

  • “I live in Ontario and visit your beautiful Island very regularly to see my family. I brought a bracelet with me this visit and asked my sister to please take it to Barclay’s as I had confidence that if they trusted you I certainly could. It took my breath away! It looks brand new! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

  • “Thank you again for the exceptional craftsmanship in restoring our family signet ring. It was my grandfather’s, and his spirit still feels to me encapsulated and representative in the ring. Heartwarming!”



    Whether you’re celebrating your love, marking a milestone or looking to make a statement, we have the ideal piece for you. Discover jewellery that’s timelessly beautiful and exquisitely crafted.

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