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Whether your jewellery is new or well-loved, we offer a number of services to support your every need, from engraving your engagement ring to trading in well-loved gold for a newer piece.

  • Hand Engraving

    What better way to commemorate a piece of jewellery, given or received, than with a personalized engraving. From initials to family crests, we can add a unique engraving to a piece of fine jewellery using one of our qualified hand engravers.

  • Insurance Claims

    We offer in-house value estimate after loss reports. We charge $75 per item, the cost of which is credited back should you proceed with the claim through our store.

    If you wish to insure your jewellery against worldwide travel, theft, loss and damage, receive a free quote through Jewelers Mutual here.

  • Appraisals

    We run monthly appraisal clinics with an independent certified gemologist, determining the current value of your jewellery for insurance or estate purposes. We meticulously clean and photograph every piece to ensure the accuracy of the appraisal. Please contact us for our next appraisal dates.

  • Selling Your Gold

    If you have unworn, outdated gold jewellery we will purchase it outright from you. You can use your old gold as a credit towards a purchase or repair and receive an even higher value for your trade-in.

  • Selling Your Jewellery

    We occasionally buy high-priced fine jewellery and precious stones. We also frequently purchase large jewellery estates, ensuring a beneficial and efficient transaction. Please contact us with any relevant paperwork should you be interested in selling an item.


Jewellery repair and restoration is a necessity for lengthening the life of your pieces. Whether you need a ring reshanked after years of wear or an inherited antique item restored, we can help. Our in-house master goldsmith has extensive knowledge and experience working with fine jewellery. Her full-service workshop also includes a laser welding machine for fine details or working on items with heat-sensitive stones.

The following list describes our most common repairs; however, we are able to accommodate other requests. Please contact us with any questions.

Please note that Barclay’s reserves the right to assess the item(s) in person and refuse a ring sizing or repair (refer to sizing tab for further details).

  • Sizing

    Whether your ring fits too loose or a little tight, we can resize platinum and gold rings to fit perfectly.

    Please note that we typically do not take on ring sizing of new rings from another jeweller or manufacturer. If the ring is within 1-2 years old, please reach out to your original supplier for sizing information as it is often covered under a warranty program.

    We do not service online purchases. This includes ring sizing. Please contact your supplier for any servicing and for information on your warranty as more often than not having work done by another jeweller will void any existing warranty.

  • Reshanking

    After years of wear, a ring thins on the inside of your hand. We can reshank a thinning ring to its original thickness.

  • Rhodium Plating

    White gold alloys have a yellow tone that, through wear, can show over time. We plate white gold jewellery with rhodium to provide a bright white durable finish.

  • Retipping

    The claws that secure your gemstones wear over time. To keep your stones safe and secure, we can retip the claws.

  • Soldering

    For broken chains, we solder the precious metals back together, strengthening them against future damage.

  • Stone Setting

    We securely reset or replace stones within your piece to prevent you from future loss. We can also match existing stones. Please note that we do not set third-party supplied gemstones unless supplied from an existing antique or heirloom item and after an assessment by one of our team members.

  • Restoration

    Vintage jewellery can often require restoration after years of wear. Our master goldsmith can expertly restore your heirlooms to near-new condition.


Whether you’re celebrating your love, marking a milestone or looking to make a statement, we have the ideal piece for you. Discover jewellery that’s timelessly beautiful and exquisitely crafted.

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