Our Services

Whether your jewellery is new or well-loved, we offer a number of services to support your every need, from engraving your engagement ring to trading in well-loved gold for a newer piece.


What better way to commemorate a piece of jewellery, given or received, than with a personalized engraving. From initials to family crests, we can add a unique engraving to virtually any piece of jewellery or type of metal.

Insurance Claims

If a piece of your jewellery is lost or stolen, your insurer will require 2–3 estimates from different jewellers to estimate its value for a claim. We offer in-house estimates, crediting back the cost of the estimate if you proceed with the claim through us.


We run monthly appraisal clinics with an independent gemologist, determining the current value of your jewellery for insurance and estate purposes. We meticulously appraise and photograph every piece to ensure accuracy of insurance claims and probates.

Selling Your Gold

If you have unworn, outdated gold jewellery we will purchase it outright from you.  If you use your old gold as a credit towards a purchase of repair, you will receive a higher value.

Selling Your Jewellery

We specialize in buying high-priced jewellery and loose stones of exceptional quality, from Rolex watches to 10-carat diamonds, we ensure a beneficial transaction for our sellers.

Repairs & Restorations

Repair is an overlooked facet of jewellery investment and a necessity for lengthening the life of your pieces. Whether you need a ring reshanked after years of wear or an inherited necklace restored to its original lustre, we can help.


Whether your ring fits too loose or a little tight, we can resize all platinum, gold and silver rings to fit perfectly.


After years of wear, a ring thins on the inside of your hand. We reshank a thinning ring to its original thickness.


Naturally yellow, white gold turns a warm yellow over time. We restore white gold to its original hue with rhodium plating.


The claws that secure your gemstones flatten over time. To keep your stones safe from loss, we retip the claws.


For cracked, broken chains, we solder the metals back together, strengthening them against future damage.


We restring pearl and bead pieces, both knotted and unknotted, ensuring your pearls are safe from loss.


We replace lost stones, securely resetting them within your piece to prevent you from future loss.


Whether scratched or chipped, stones can be repolished, recut and restored to their natural condition.


Vintage jewellery may require restoration after years of wear. We can restore your heirlooms to quality condition.